NY Times’ Comments about Killed Journalist

The NY Times ran a story about the murder of the American journalist James Foley, and his family’s reaction.


The bloodlust of many of the comments, and the heartlessness surprises me from readers of the NY Times. Many readers responded that he knew what he was getting into, so too bad for him.

Here’s what I see: the fewer reporters that are out in the field, the more atrocities our government, and yes, our soldiers, can get away with. I am NOT saying most soldiers would be horrible, but enough are that we have had serious violations of any kind of wartime decency that exists. Fewer reporters suits our military just fine.

Secondly, my heart breaks for this family, but where are the stories about the innocents killed with our drone strikes: women, children, bombed from thousands of miles away. Killing two journalists is bloodthirsty and immoral but killing hundreds anonymously is OK?? Where is they NY Times on this???

Welcome to America, where it is peachy keen when we kill!!!