Milk Thistle Healing for Skin

I journeyed today, asking for a teaching from a plant spirit. Thistle showed up. Thistle showed me that it was good for skin. I had never heard of thistle as a healing plant, so I did some research. And wouldn’t you know, one of the lesser known ways to use  thistle is as a healing agent for skin!

As always, this isn’t a medical recommendation – rather a suggestion I have received from plant Spirits. Please check it out and do more research on your own!


A Peaceful Way to #bluexit – must read

Great article on a peaceful way to #bluexit, especially now that the Republicans are about to blow up the Senate to confirm a man from the 1930s for the next 40 years.


What the Right Isn’t Getting

It’s stunning that so many on the right don’t get this – if Rubio won, none of this would be happening. We would be upset, yes, but horrified, frightened, stunned, disgusted?? No.

This isn’t about freedom of speech or points of view. This is an administration that is shipping war veterans who are immigrants back to their native lands. Who talked about killing the children of terrorists, and have already done so in the Yemen raid. Grab women’s genitals?? Fine and dandy with the 63 million rubes who voted for this dictator wannabe. Get rid of the free press. So-called judges?? Fire them, if you can. Separate mothers and babies at the border?? Sure!! Great idea!! Who cares who watches the babies, and if they die?? A first class liar as Press Secretary who has #spicerfacts. A world class liar, Kellyann Goebbels Conway, who has #alternativefacts and #microwaves spying on her boss. A racist as Attorney General. And a man whose campaign communicated “constantly” with Russia during a hacked campaign??

No. This is about survival. Survival of our country. Survival of our neighbors. Maybe even my survival, since I’m a bigmouth dissident. We are not going to go along, listen to their racist, sexist, bigoted hateful ideas, tolerate those views. No. Never. We will defeat this hatred that boiled up, and we will be fearless in doing so. We will march, organize, speak out, protest, yell at our Congressional representatives like Stefanik, who lies to us constantly and refuses to meet with us except in small, controlled groups.

Want to keep our democracy. Then you had better take off the gloves and fight for it.


Bob, the Rescue Dog

Bob just died. He was about 11 years old. I heard that three dogs had been left for three weeks in an apartment in W. Virginia, and had been taken to the shelter. Two of them, small dogs, were adopted, but Bob, a homely hound around 40 pounds, was headed to the euthanasia room. I said I would take him. When it came time to load the truck to CT, there was no room for Bob. He might have ended up dead, except that the driver took a chance and put him on top of the crate right behind him so he could keep an eye on him.

For 13 hours, Bob didn’t move. He lay on top of that crate and looked out the front window, looked north all the way to CT. A foster had him for a few days, and I went down to get him, and he again looked north for the three hour trip. He ended up going to my friend’s farm, where he walked backwards into the house for the first few months. He was much loved, much cared for, and he lived another 7 years as her best buddy.

Rescue dogs aren’t always gorgeous, smart, spectacular – but they do seem to have some special qualities that those who haven’t suffered the same way just don’t have. I brought up about 3000 dogs and puppies in 10 years, and I spent every penny I made, and I wouldn’t give back one of them. I love rescue dogs.

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Trump Advisor Stephen Miller’s quotes from today

Stephen Miller, Trump’s 31 year old Alt-Right white supremacist senior adviser (for what? What are his qualifications, beside being paranoid and hating people of color) hit the talk shows today. He made quite a splash!

From Face the Nation:

And President Trump is going to go to Congress and ask them to invest in our military so once again we will have unquestioned military strength beyond anything anybody can imagine.

Scared yet? I guess 7000 nukes isn’t scary enough.

The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.

Not question the powers of the President? Seriously? This guy sounds like he is a throwback to the Brown Shirts of Germany.

When asked if they are in control at the White House?

I think to say that we’re in control would be a substantial understatement. The president of the United States has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many presidents accomplish in an entire administration.

Well, Trump has succeeded in making many of us realize he is dangerously mentally ill.

From This Week on ABC:

Stephanopoulus asked what they plan to do:

We can pursue further executive actions. All options are on the table. The point I want to make to you, George, and the point I want to make your listeners is that we have equal branches of government in this country. The judiciary is not supreme.

A district judge in Seattle cannot force the President of the United States to change our laws and our Constitution because of their own personal views. The president has the power, under the INA, section 212(f)[8 U.S.C. 1182], to suspend the entry of aliens when it’s in the national interest.

Actually, the judiciary IS supreme when it comes to deciding on laws.

And the bottom line is the president’s powers, in this area, represent the apex of executive authority. And we have multiple tools across multiple fronts to ensure that we are preventing terrorist infiltration of our country and to ensure that those who enter our country share our values and support our people, something supported overwhelmingly by the vast majority of the American public.

The President is still constrained by law. He can’t decide, “I want to kill everyone named Nancy with blonde hair,” and do so.

It’s estimated that illegal immigration costs our country, state, local and federal benefits, about $100 billion a year.

Stopping new illegal immigration, preventing the affects that will have on our schools, on our hospitals, on our welfare system, on our wage earners, will save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. This wall will pay for itself many, many, many times over.

Completely fact-free.

And this remarkable exchange. Even George S. has had enough of their lies. He practically chased him off the show.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you have any evidence?

MILLER: — issue — if this is an issue that interests you, then we can talk about it more in the future. And we now have our government is beginning to get stood up. But we have a Department of Justice and we have more officials.

An issue of voter fraud is something we’re going to be looking at very seriously and very hard.

But the reality is, is that we know for a fact, you have massive numbers of non-citizens registered to vote in this country. Nobody disputes that. (All experts dispute this.) And many, many highly qualified people, like Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, have looked deeply into this issue and have confirmed it to be true and have put together evidence.

And I suggest you invite Kris Kobach onto your show and he can walk you through some of the evidence of voter fraud —

STEPHANOPOULOS: You have — you have —

MILLER: — in greater detail.

STEPHANOPOULOS: — just for the record, you have provided absolutely no evidence. The president’s made a statement.

MILLER: The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state, dead people voting, non-citizens being registered to vote. George, it is a fact and you will not deny it, that there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country, who are registered to vote. That is a scandal. (Um, no they haven’t provided ANY evidence.)

We should stop the presses. And as a country, we should be aghast about the fact that you have people who have no right to vote in this country, registered to vote, canceling out the franchise of lawful citizens of this country.

That’s the story we should be talking about. And I’m prepared to go on any show, anywhere, anytime, and repeat it and say the President of the United States is correct 100 percent.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, you just repeated, though, you just made those declarations. But, for the record, you have provided zero evidence that the president was the victim of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire. You provided zero evidence —

MILLER: Anyone who’s worked —


MILLER: — politics is familiar —

STEPHANOPOULOS: You have provided zero evidence that the president’s claim that he would have won the general — the popular vote if 3 million to 5 million illegal immigrants hadn’t voted, zero evidence for either one of those claims.

MILLER: Well, it’s —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Thanks a lot for joining us this morning.

MILLER: — that non-citizen voting issues, pervasive and widespread, and we are going to protect our country from voter fraud. We’re going to protect our borders from terrorism. And we’re going to protect innocent men, women and children from violent criminal illegal immigrants that need to be removed from this country.

And our country will create jobs, safety, prosperity and security, particularly for disenfranchised working people of every background, faith and ethnicity in this country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You can start by providing evidence to back up your claims. Thanks for joining us this morning.

MILLER: Thank you.

BAM!! Mic drop!! This is how you handle these liars.


Day 5 Trump Watch – Destabilizing Our Allies

What stood out to me in Trump’s rambling, insane interview last night was that he won’t say he won’t send the Dreamers back. He said “they should be far less worried, but doesn’t say they shouldn’t be worried.

The torture statements have already led Theresa May’s Parliament demanding she tell Trump they do not sanction torture:…

A video of Trump saying that we are going after Iraq’s oil and that they are not even a country is going viral in Iraq. It was on Rachel last night and this endangers troops we still have there:

Plus, #fuckingwall is now all over twitter because of what ex-President of Mexico said there is no way Mexico will pay for that #fuckingwall

Good job Trump. Five days in, and he has destabilized our top allies. Heck of a good job, Trumpy.

Time to Fight


Since I began paying attention about 15 years ago, I have been continually dismayed by the lack of fight shown by the Democrats over and over. Whether confirming Alito, a man completely lacking in compassion and any kind of concern for his fellow human beings, to letting the Republicans steal a Supreme Court nominee, the Democrats are, as Harry Reid said many times, continually “keeping their powder dry” and “taking the high road” for “the good of the country.”
How’s our country doing now, Dems?
The American people have shown with their votes that they much prefer fighters, even if they are fighting to take things away from them, than navel gazers. So let’s fight!!! Fight every inappropriate nominee. Fight every crazy appointment Trump has made, and most are crazy. Stop waiting for that “really important issue” to fight for. Fight everything!!! Especially fight against Trump getting ANY nominee into the Supreme Court. The Republicans said ahead of time that they would block ANY of Hillary’s nominees if she won. Turnaround is fair play. Block any nominee, take those gloves off, take that dry powder out, and FIGHT!! Cause every time the Democrats try to be “principled” or “go high,” the Republicans kick us right in the teeth.