It’s Happening Here in NY

It’s Happening Here. Not just in red states. It’s happening in NYC and in upstate NY.

It happened in NYC:

On a subway, a young Muslim college student was harassed and physically attacked:

New York City police say that the men yelled “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” while following the woman onto the train, only to continue saying things such as “You fucking terrorist! Get out of this country!” and “You don’t belong here!”

They weren’t finished:

After reportedly breaking one of her purse straps, they tried to remove her hijab while yelling, “Get that fucking thing off your head!” She got off the train at Grand Central Station to report the harassment to the police, who are currently investigating.

She is an 18 year old girl who goes to Baruch College. Not one person on the subway stepped up to defend her.

It’s happening in Saratoga Springs, in a lovely “blue” city, where people are open-minded and progressive. These next situations are described in a column by Will Doolittle in the Post Star out of Glens Falls, NY.

A young gay man was shopping in Saratoga Springs, and when he came out to his car, he found that his rainbow flag Mickey Mouse antenna topper had been ripped off and a note written on a napkin that said, “Fuck you, Micky fagot!” (sp)

It’s happening in Albany, NY, where another gay man found a note on his car that read: “We don’t want faggots in this country.” It was signed “Trump Nation.”

If you voted for Donald Trump, you own this. He made no secret of the many people he didn’t like, people he didn’t respect, people he saw as less than human: Muslims, immigrants, women, gay folks. If you voted for him, you are responsible for the rhetoric that is coming out of his mouth. You are an enabler of this. And don’t tell me that you didn’t want this, don’t approve of it: he did NOT keep any of his views on anything a secret. We all knew how he felt about all of these things. Now, he is tweeting crazy things at all hours: critiques of Saturday Night Live while skipping his Intelligent briefs; threats to start trade wars and possibly real wars with China; he told the Phillipine president,  who has sent out death squads to extra-judicially kill drug dealers and users the following:

Trump told the Philippine leader that he was conducting his drug war “the right way” and invited him to the White House, Duterte said, according to the Philippine Inquirer.

Is this what is in store for those of us who will oppose his coming wars on Muslims, immigrants, the LGBT community, legal marijuana growers and sellers? Is this what he wants done with us?

Duterte promised on the campaign trail that 100,000 people would be killed during his crackdown and so many bodies would be dumped in Manila Bay that fish would grow fat from feeding on them.

Will my body be dumped in the Hudson River, food for fish, if I help a Muslim family who is being forced to sign up for a registry? A Gay couple being forced to get “reeducation” as suggested by Mike Pence, gay-hater. Will my remains be fed to crocodiles, as Duterte said he had done to a drug dealer? Trump says that this is “the right way.” Where is there so little attention to this?

We, as Americans, need to be willing to stand up for those who are targeted. I am not sure how we can do that, but I think it’s something that those who respect civil rights need to start thinking of.

Some Meandering Thoughts about Trump’s Election

You know, I’m realizing that my kids are the only people I could help with forming values, and since they are all far left commie liberals, I did a great job! They are my family. As for the rest of family, I think I need to start creating my own with like-minded friends. This election is different — his followers supported hatred, racism, sexism and division. So I’m dividing. From them.

Trump’s minions are already walking back the rhetoric of deportation, prosecuting Hillary and health insurance. A Democrat on CNN last night kept pushing it, saying believe what he said, and that he made these promises to his rubes in the hinterland (my language) so he’d better do it.

The kids out there putting themselves on the line is what is giving me hope today. While we adults quietly march toward fascism, the kids are out there, refusing to go along. BTW, the students at Russell Sage College are protesting next Wednesday evening in Troy. I’ll be joining them. Will you?


How come people are free to say really terrible things, like black people are inferior to whites, and Mexicans are rapists, things that would rightfully get me fired if I said them, and yet when I say to them that they are racist for saying that, I’m the hater? And how come Trump’s minions can say that he never said racist or sexist things, the media twisted his words, and the reporters never play back the video and say, “oh, stop lying!” How afraid are they of trump? And why?

I wonder how we put this nation back together. I think it’s like Humpty Dumpty and that maybe we need to explore the Blue states banding together to form alliances in healthcare, women’s and minority rights, etc, and just stay the hell out of the red states.

I’m sure I’ll  be back with more meandering thoughts, including why the Electoral College needs to go.


It’s Time to Let Althea Go


Ah, I’m so sad. Even someone who knows, knows that there is more out there after death struggles with the decision to put an animal down.

I rescued Althea from a kill pen in Louisiana, along with 2 other mares and I helped a bit with several other horses, mules and foals. The nightmare I’ve entered since then has been harrowing.

I wrote about her voyage from draft horse to kill-pen horse and then to me, and it’s been a long road in just about a month. The vet has come out at least a dozen times. We had her scoped at the vet hospital. She has had to be “cleaned out” of manure at least weekly. In spite of VERY expensive drugs, she is still urinating on her legs. She has no tone in her urethra and her anus and was cleaned out Monday and we had to bring the vet in to do it again today. It’s not fair to her. She had a good week – she was mostly comfortable, eating her hay and grain, but she just can’t pass manure, which I think is causing her to not be able to evacuate her urine, so she gets a horrible, terrible bladder infection. She still has urine dribbling out of her and burning her legs.

None of this is fair: it’s not fair that she gave many years to some Amish jerk who treated her as a machine and just turned her into an auction because of a health problem, rather than kill her humanely on his property. It’s not fair the she ended up on a kill lot. It’s not fair that the Stanley Brothers, owners of the kill lot, make over $200,000 a WEEK sending horses to Mexico to slaughter. It’s not fair that I paid them, and Renee Marie Paxton, to quarantine her and she came to me covered in sores from her urine and starved. None of this is fair. None of it. And this makes me rail at the Universe sometimes; makes me doubt my faith in the Spirits. Makes me feel completely powerless, because no matter how powerful my Spirits are, and I know they are enormously powerful, neither they, nor I, can really stop the suffering humans inflict on the world.

So tomorrow she crosses over. I’m going to sing to her, rub her, tell her I love her and will never, ever forget the huge heart she has to have survived all that she survived and remain a kind animal. Tell her I’ll see her, along with all of my other rescue dogs and the puppies who died in my care, from my first van full to my last, and to wait for me in the Land of the Dead. That I will be there shortly when measured by the Infinite. And that we will all meet again, healthy and vibrant, to plan when and where we will cycle again, together, and try to make this world a little better.

What is Totem Jewelry?

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 7.52.44 AM.png
What is totem jewelry?
According to Webster’s, a totem is:
: something (such as an animal or plant) that is the symbol for a family, tribe, etc., especially among Native Americans
: a usually carved or painted figure that represents such a symbol
: a person or thing that represents an idea
In shamanism, a totem animal is a power animal. How do you find your power animal? You journey to find it, or you have a shaman journey to find it for you.
The shaman belief is that if a person doesn’t have a power animal, he/she won’t live very long in infancy. We all have power animals; we just don’t know them. They are waiting for us to come and meet them. If you dream about an animal frequently, or see an animal often, it could be your power animal trying to get your attention. It could also be a sign of something that you need to pay attention to.
So…getting back to the original, totem jewelry is jewelry that honors your power animal. That reminds you of the love and protection you continually receive from your spiritual ally.
You can find this butterfly totem necklace in my etsy shop here:

Stanley Brothers, Monsters, Horse Kill Buyers, Animal Abusers


My mare before and after the “quarantine. Her vulva after 3 weeks of quarantine, and what my vet got outmost her bladder. and no one noticed.

I bailed several horses from the Stanley Brothers kill pens. I bailed the first one on Aug 3rd through Renee Marie Paxton. She swore the horse was going to “heaven” for quarantine. Dr. Odom saw her twice, but never mentioned the urine puddling out of her. When the transporters came on Sat, Aug 27th, they almost had to take her to the emergency vet. She had lost over 200 pounds, had her skin on her legs scalded from continual urine. Chris from the kill lots didn’t feed her, or even look her over. She needs surgery, but she suffered for 3 weeks when I was told that she was in “heaven.” That quarantine was $325.
I bailed two more horses and was keeping one, and the other was going to a wonderful woman. We no longer trusted Renee Marie Paxton and the Stanley Brothers, so we moved the horses out of their supposed quarantine today. First, they couldn’t find the horses for over 2 hours. Then, we found out that they were still at the Ark-La kill lots, supposedly in quarantine there. Ha! Another $325. What did Renee say?

She said “Please don’t blame me for something that is out of my control.”


I paid her, she said she rented quarantine space from the evil Stanley Brothers, now she says she didn’t rent space and can’t give me a refund. The two horses we picked today are terrified. They won’t even leave each other’s sides. I’m glad we saved them, but hate that Paxton and the Stanley Brothers, who probably make more than $200,000 per WEEK sending horses to slaughter, profited.

I’m filing an official report with the USDA over the abuse of my sick mare. Why the Stanley Brothers are allowed to be near any animals after the son of one of the monsters, Boots Stanley, slit the throat of a dog right on the kill lot, and there are pictures circulating of Hal Stanley sitting on a mule, slitting its throat must be because of all the money they make. I wonder how many Louisiana law enforcement palms they grease?


Seven Pups for Adoption

These hound mixes were pulled from a southern high kill shelter and will arrive at their foster home in NJ on August 24th. They will be 10 weeks old when they get here. I have to say, they are pretty big to be chi mixes. so let’s just say, they are hound mixes, and just adorable. There are 7 of them, different colors. They are going to be bigger than chihuahuas, probably medium sized. They will be up to date on their shots and a spay-neuter contract.

Here is the breakdown:

Four females:

black and white

brown and white

little cream pup

lanky tan pup

Three Males:

little tan with white feet – he had a broken jaw

2 lanky brown boys

People email Annette for an application at Thank you!

Are We in the US Really Free?

On a Facebook discussion of Donald Trump, a woman just said the following in regard to whether we Americans are “free.” It makes me wonder how much of our freedom is a bill of goods we are being sold, especially after visiting France, where my friends laughed at me over the concept of being afraid of the police.

“Nancy Lee, Americans fear most of the entities in control. The IRS being a really good example, the police and their judicial system. They don’t trust doctors or pharmaceuticals. It’s one of the easiest countries in the world to live in because the only thing a person has to care about is themselves. It’s very hard to explain but every other country I have ever been to had rules in place that took care of your neighbors. And in taking care of others, everyone’s life was improved. I have seen such poverty in the US, no middle class to speak of. I used to think a person could not starve to death in the US, how wrong I was. With what we pay for taxes here, or some of us because most people I know either don’t pay or pay the least they can, medical requirements should be a given for everyone in this country. No person should die leaving their family millions in debt. When I lived in Canada, I had more American neighbors than Canadian. They needed medical help and got it without breaking Canada. I have seen doctors in Europe and Australia and was never given a bill. I can’t even afford to be healthy here.”

She makes some great points. So, have we been been fooled by propaganda that we are “free,” when most of us can barely afford more than the necessities and kids are now slaves to student loans their entire lives if they want to go to college and the public system doesn’t have what they want? When even I, a 54 year old professional white woman, is fearful when stopped by the police? When a letter from the IRS brings visions of financial ruin?

is it all a big sham? Because after being in France, I’m really starting to think it is.