Trump and Puerto Rico

A full week after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump finally waived the Jones Act, a century old law that protects the American shipping industry. He waived the act quickly for Texas and Florida, and made sure that aid was sent and distributed quickly. Not so for Puerto Rico. Three days ago, patients in a hospital who were on ventilators died because they didn’t have any more fuel for the generator. 45% of Puerto Ricans have no clean water today. Another hospital that had 13 children on ventilators almost ran out of fuel, and thankfully found some in the nick of time, but they are running low again. Where is FEMA? Not distributing goods. Where is the military? Arriving late. Where is Trump?? Tweeting about NFL players who should be fired,  deleting tweets supporting Luther Strange, bragging about the great reviews he has been getting on Puerto Rican assistance and musing, in complete wonder, that Puerto Rico is in the “middle of the ocean.” Why no help for Puerto Rico? Maybe because they didn’t vote for him? And are “brown” people?? As a NYer, this situation has me planning on stocking up on water, food and medicines. If he abandons Puerto Rico in this way, he will abandon every blue state in the same way.

This man is the worst president I have experience in my lifetime. Not only is he incompetent and incurious,  many mental health experts say that he is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Many medical doctors believe he is suffering from Alzheimers disease. Just yesterday, he said that his horrendously harmful health care act would pass but a YES vote Senator is in the hospital. No Senator is in the hospital. Making a mistake like that once or twice is understandable, but Trump has walked away from podiums and handshakes without doing what he went there to do. He has contradicted himself within hours. He lies and lies, and maybe doesn’t always know it is a lie?

But his Deplorables put him in office and until it is proven that he was in cahoots with Russia on influencing the election, the Republicans in Congress seem happy to keep him there, even as he destroys their party. And he is destroying their Party. Bannon cheered that they would do what they did in Alabama in all 50 states, vote in a crazy, lunatic, conspiracy theory loving, racist, sexist homophobe for a Senate race. But Alabama, thank goodness, is unique in that it is one of the most backwards, racist states in the country. Imagine Roy Moore in Ohio? PA? Michigan or WI? They can be racists, but they aren’t completely batshit crazy, as many Alabama folks are. Every crazy who wins the GOP slot in the Senate race will give the Dems a good chance to pick up that seat So as they cannibalize themselves, I can’t help but cheer in a way. The GOP has become a party that deserves a clean, swift end. Put a fork in them. They have had total power and have done nothing but try to take away healthcare, ban Muslims, start WWIII with North Korea, enable a nut in the White House, and many, many more acts that will harm our country and our citizens.

Maybe Puerto Rico will be the final straw. Trump’s complete apathy in regard to the fate of US citizens is deplorable, even for him. Or maybe Puerto Ricans will have to relocate and will turn Florida and some other southern states blue. Or maybe the GOP will elect these Moore-like crazies to the Senate, an they will demand that they secede from the Union.

This time, I say let them. Goodbye and good riddance.


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