What the Right Isn’t Getting

It’s stunning that so many on the right don’t get this – if Rubio won, none of this would be happening. We would be upset, yes, but horrified, frightened, stunned, disgusted?? No.

This isn’t about freedom of speech or points of view. This is an administration that is shipping war veterans who are immigrants back to their native lands. Who talked about killing the children of terrorists, and have already done so in the Yemen raid. Grab women’s genitals?? Fine and dandy with the 63 million rubes who voted for this dictator wannabe. Get rid of the free press. So-called judges?? Fire them, if you can. Separate mothers and babies at the border?? Sure!! Great idea!! Who cares who watches the babies, and if they die?? A first class liar as Press Secretary who has #spicerfacts. A world class liar, Kellyann Goebbels Conway, who has #alternativefacts and #microwaves spying on her boss. A racist as Attorney General. And a man whose campaign communicated “constantly” with Russia during a hacked campaign??

No. This is about survival. Survival of our country. Survival of our neighbors. Maybe even my survival, since I’m a bigmouth dissident. We are not going to go along, listen to their racist, sexist, bigoted hateful ideas, tolerate those views. No. Never. We will defeat this hatred that boiled up, and we will be fearless in doing so. We will march, organize, speak out, protest, yell at our Congressional representatives like Stefanik, who lies to us constantly and refuses to meet with us except in small, controlled groups.

Want to keep our democracy. Then you had better take off the gloves and fight for it.



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