Day 5 Trump Watch – Destabilizing Our Allies

What stood out to me in Trump’s rambling, insane interview last night was that he won’t say he won’t send the Dreamers back. He said “they should be far less worried, but doesn’t say they shouldn’t be worried.

The torture statements have already led Theresa May’s Parliament demanding she tell Trump they do not sanction torture:…

A video of Trump saying that we are going after Iraq’s oil and that they are not even a country is going viral in Iraq. It was on Rachel last night and this endangers troops we still have there:

Plus, #fuckingwall is now all over twitter because of what ex-President of Mexico said there is no way Mexico will pay for that #fuckingwall

Good job Trump. Five days in, and he has destabilized our top allies. Heck of a good job, Trumpy.