It’s Happening Here in NY

It’s Happening Here. Not just in red states. It’s happening in NYC and in upstate NY.

It happened in NYC:

On a subway, a young Muslim college student was harassed and physically attacked:

New York City police say that the men yelled “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” while following the woman onto the train, only to continue saying things such as “You fucking terrorist! Get out of this country!” and “You don’t belong here!”

They weren’t finished:

After reportedly breaking one of her purse straps, they tried to remove her hijab while yelling, “Get that fucking thing off your head!” She got off the train at Grand Central Station to report the harassment to the police, who are currently investigating.

She is an 18 year old girl who goes to Baruch College. Not one person on the subway stepped up to defend her.

It’s happening in Saratoga Springs, in a lovely “blue” city, where people are open-minded and progressive. These next situations are described in a column by Will Doolittle in the Post Star out of Glens Falls, NY.

A young gay man was shopping in Saratoga Springs, and when he came out to his car, he found that his rainbow flag Mickey Mouse antenna topper had been ripped off and a note written on a napkin that said, “Fuck you, Micky fagot!” (sp)

It’s happening in Albany, NY, where another gay man found a note on his car that read: “We don’t want faggots in this country.” It was signed “Trump Nation.”

If you voted for Donald Trump, you own this. He made no secret of the many people he didn’t like, people he didn’t respect, people he saw as less than human: Muslims, immigrants, women, gay folks. If you voted for him, you are responsible for the rhetoric that is coming out of his mouth. You are an enabler of this. And don’t tell me that you didn’t want this, don’t approve of it: he did NOT keep any of his views on anything a secret. We all knew how he felt about all of these things. Now, he is tweeting crazy things at all hours: critiques of Saturday Night Live while skipping his Intelligent briefs; threats to start trade wars and possibly real wars with China; he told the Phillipine president,  who has sent out death squads to extra-judicially kill drug dealers and users the following:

Trump told the Philippine leader that he was conducting his drug war “the right way” and invited him to the White House, Duterte said, according to the Philippine Inquirer.

Is this what is in store for those of us who will oppose his coming wars on Muslims, immigrants, the LGBT community, legal marijuana growers and sellers? Is this what he wants done with us?

Duterte promised on the campaign trail that 100,000 people would be killed during his crackdown and so many bodies would be dumped in Manila Bay that fish would grow fat from feeding on them.

Will my body be dumped in the Hudson River, food for fish, if I help a Muslim family who is being forced to sign up for a registry? A Gay couple being forced to get “reeducation” as suggested by Mike Pence, gay-hater. Will my remains be fed to crocodiles, as Duterte said he had done to a drug dealer? Trump says that this is “the right way.” Where is there so little attention to this?

We, as Americans, need to be willing to stand up for those who are targeted. I am not sure how we can do that, but I think it’s something that those who respect civil rights need to start thinking of.


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