Are We in the US Really Free?

On a Facebook discussion of Donald Trump, a woman just said the following in regard to whether we Americans are “free.” It makes me wonder how much of our freedom is a bill of goods we are being sold, especially after visiting France, where my friends laughed at me over the concept of being afraid of the police.

“Nancy Lee, Americans fear most of the entities in control. The IRS being a really good example, the police and their judicial system. They don’t trust doctors or pharmaceuticals. It’s one of the easiest countries in the world to live in because the only thing a person has to care about is themselves. It’s very hard to explain but every other country I have ever been to had rules in place that took care of your neighbors. And in taking care of others, everyone’s life was improved. I have seen such poverty in the US, no middle class to speak of. I used to think a person could not starve to death in the US, how wrong I was. With what we pay for taxes here, or some of us because most people I know either don’t pay or pay the least they can, medical requirements should be a given for everyone in this country. No person should die leaving their family millions in debt. When I lived in Canada, I had more American neighbors than Canadian. They needed medical help and got it without breaking Canada. I have seen doctors in Europe and Australia and was never given a bill. I can’t even afford to be healthy here.”

She makes some great points. So, have we been been fooled by propaganda that we are “free,” when most of us can barely afford more than the necessities and kids are now slaves to student loans their entire lives if they want to go to college and the public system doesn’t have what they want? When even I, a 54 year old professional white woman, is fearful when stopped by the police? When a letter from the IRS brings visions of financial ruin?

is it all a big sham? Because after being in France, I’m really starting to think it is.


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