Saving QH Mare from slaughter

The Stanley Brothers of Arkansas run several businesses, and one of them is a horse buy/sell business. they buy horses at auction and send over 1000 of them each week over the border to a horrendous death in Mexico. Think about that for a second: a WEEK. A lucky few get a video and get put on Facebook. A few of them get “bailed” out and escape death. You can see the quality of horses shipped every week on their Facebook site. Ark-La Feed Lot Pens.


in the last week, a few of those who escaped death are: a momma mule and her foal – many, many foals are shipped and slaughtered; a few Belgian drafts; a lovely riding QH mare, 10 years old; a few other quiet QHs. Some I can’t save – a very quiet 3 year old QH mare; a gained horse they used for fox hunting for a year; and 1200 other horses, mules, donkeys, and foals. This makes me absolutely distraught. No sentient creature deserves to die in such a horrifying and terrifying manner. Additionally, since they regularly ship animals who have drugs in their systems, Europe will no longer buy horse meat from Mexico. It’s dangerously unhealthy for anyone who eats it.

I pulled two but there are more. If I can raise the shipping for the 10 year old QH mare, I will pull another. Would you help? I started a Go Fund Me for this purpose. Anything would help.

As for the Stanley brothers, they are trying to save some, so kudos for that. But they don’t need to do this business to put food on the table. I don’t know how they can live with themselves.


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