What happens if Trump unravels further?

I’ve asked this in a number of places online, but haven’t gotten any response. But I’m seriously curious and concerned. What happens if Trump continues to spiral downward and loses it? Refuses to debate Hillary, which is where I think he’s headed with his comments about the schedule? Just walks away, because he can’t hide behind his Twitter? Refuses to campaign anymore? Because I have the distinct feeling that the media actually calling him on his lies, like the ones about Putin, are unraveling him.

Does Pence become the nominee? Cruz? If Cruz becomes the nominee, what happens to Pence? Does he slink away, back to his anti-gay home state?

I have lots of questions, but no answers. Any knowledge would be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “What happens if Trump unravels further?”

  1. Unless some major turnaround happens in his campaign in the next few days, I’m expecting Trump is indeed coming unraveled. When he said the gloves were coming off, he had no idea that meant his opponents and the media, now poised to return the wild swings he’s been taking. A man who has no self-control is not really in control, is he? If he’d only keep his mouth shut and listen, but we now know he lacks that ability.
    As for your questions of what happens next, nobody knows — this is all uncharted territory. Forget Cruz or Christie, they’ve burned too many bridges, and Pence is a lightweight. Maybe Paul Ryan would get the nod as the last best or lowest common denominator chance.

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