Body Positivity

I don’t know where I’ve been. This body positivity movement got started and I had no idea. Hundreds, no, thousands, of women are posting pictures of themselves on Instagram, and they are – gasp!!! – fat! And some of them are – gasp!!!- very fat.

Now, I have been fat, fatter than I am now, and I never would have posted a pic of me in a bathing suit for public consumption. First of all, I’m a lot older than these women. But regardless – shouldn’t I hide my fat? My rolls? How could I pollute the public view with my extra flesh? As a fat person, it was my obligation to keep my fat from offending others’ eyes, lest they have to clean them out with bleach. Right?

That’s how Americans treat fat people. That’s how we feel. Ugly. Ashamed. Unwanted. Marginalized. Afraid to offend with our flesh. Yet we worship thin, even if an unhealthy thin, like many actresses and models, even if they are actually more unhealthy than someone with a few extra pounds. Why is that? It makes no sense.

So to honor some of the young women bravely putting out pictures of themselves in bathing suits, fat out there for the world to see, I’m posting pics I never posted because I was too…you guessed it….fat. You know what? I agree with #effyourbeautystandards.