Funniest Movies Ever!!

I just came across a few lists of the funniest movies ever on the NY Times site and While they did have many of my top choices, there were others left off. Here are the ones I agreed with:


Animal House – was picked as number 1 on – and I can’t argue with that!

The Jerk – also one of the top five movies – absolutely

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – this wasn’t in the top five, but I am putting it there. Grandparents loved it, parents love it and kids love it!

Caddyshack  – Chevy Chase is  priceless as the great golfer, Bill Murray hilarious as the groundskeeper and Rodney Dangerfield almost stole the show – great, great movie!!

Pink Panther movies – how these were left off, I have no idea!! The originals with Peter Sellers were so hilarious, I remember laughing so hard I would cry!! And while I had my doubts, Steve Martin did an excellent job in the new ones. The hamburger scene is not to be missed! Definitely Top Five material.

Austin Powers – all of them. He is just hilarious, again, should be much higher.

Airplane – one of my favorite movies of all time. From the things you noticed the first time to the things you notice the 20th time, it’s priceless. And the scene with Elaine teaching the local people about Tupperware containers? I can’t even remember that without giggling uncontrollably!

My Cousin Vinny – I can watch that any time at all!

Young Frankenstein – added this just for Madeline Kahn!

Johnny English – created in the tradition of the Pink Panther movies, this movie is awesome in its own right. I still laugh every time I watch it!! Don’t bother with the sequel, though – it was dreadful.

There you go! Favorite funny movies!!

(Next will be my favorite ever funny TV shows – starting with the funniest show ever, “The Carol Burnett Show.” 🙂


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