H0w To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule #2

I would like to share Martha’s Thrifty Rule # 2 with you today – don’t buy something as soon as you see it.

Buying is like a drug – it gives your brain a little hit of dopamine. Some of us dopamine addicts love that hit, so we buy to get it, again and again. Instead of ending up as a drug or alcohol addict, however, we end up with a lot of debt and a little savings.

So put that purchase off. If you see a coat you like in Macy’s, even if it’s on sale, you don’t have to buy it that minute. You can come back and buy it tomorrow, or even later today. Give it some thought. Do you need it? Or would you rather have that $150 snugly sitting in your bank account?? Delay, and be gratified.



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