How To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule # 1

I am not by nature a thrifty person. In fact, I’ve spent most of my adult life hoping I get to payday without running out of money. But I have a good friend, Martha, who is the opposite of me – she is thrifty, but not cheap. Careful with money for herself, but generous with others. She is always giving me tips to save money and be thrifty, and I’m happy to share some with you.

Martha’s Rule # 1 – pay cash


Sounds simple, right?? But it isn’t for me. Because that means I have to get to the bank, take out money, and for me, when money is in my hot hands, I spend it. But Martha says that the opposite is really true. When you have to actually put the cash into someone else’s hands, you are less likely to spend it.

I trust Martha, so I recommend you try it. I’m so ADD I may not actually ever do this, but I do a lot of other things she tells me to do now – like save for everything, rather than use credit, and don’t buy when you first see something – go home and think about it. Right now, I’m saving for a new mattress. It is a king sized mattress, so it will be about $2100, and I’m halfway there. This may actually be one of the first things I have saved up for in my adult life without using credit, so I’m pretty excited. I have to say, looking at my pennies adding up in my savings account makes me feel a lot more adult than I used to feel about money. And that’s cool!


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