Funniest Movies Ever!!

I just came across a few lists of the funniest movies ever on the NY Times site and While they did have many of my top choices, there were others left off. Here are the ones I agreed with:


Animal House – was picked as number 1 on – and I can’t argue with that!

The Jerk – also one of the top five movies – absolutely

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – this wasn’t in the top five, but I am putting it there. Grandparents loved it, parents love it and kids love it!

Caddyshack  – Chevy Chase is  priceless as the great golfer, Bill Murray hilarious as the groundskeeper and Rodney Dangerfield almost stole the show – great, great movie!!

Pink Panther movies – how these were left off, I have no idea!! The originals with Peter Sellers were so hilarious, I remember laughing so hard I would cry!! And while I had my doubts, Steve Martin did an excellent job in the new ones. The hamburger scene is not to be missed! Definitely Top Five material.

Austin Powers – all of them. He is just hilarious, again, should be much higher.

Airplane – one of my favorite movies of all time. From the things you noticed the first time to the things you notice the 20th time, it’s priceless. And the scene with Elaine teaching the local people about Tupperware containers? I can’t even remember that without giggling uncontrollably!

My Cousin Vinny – I can watch that any time at all!

Young Frankenstein – added this just for Madeline Kahn!

Johnny English – created in the tradition of the Pink Panther movies, this movie is awesome in its own right. I still laugh every time I watch it!! Don’t bother with the sequel, though – it was dreadful.

There you go! Favorite funny movies!!

(Next will be my favorite ever funny TV shows – starting with the funniest show ever, “The Carol Burnett Show.” 🙂


How To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule No. 4

This Thrifty Rule Number 4 is going to tell you how Martha advises her grandchildren to buy a car.

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When buying your first car, save your money, and buy the best car that you can for that money. Do NOT take out a loan. While using that car, try to save, say, $200 per month, or what you would have spent on a car payment. If you can get that car to last for 24 or 36 months, you will now have $4800 to $7200 dollars to spend on a “new to you” used car, plus any monies you may get from the sale of your first car.

Do it again, and at the end of that second period, your second car may have given you a little more time, so you will have more money. Plus, you may get a bit more back for that car. So say your car lasts you 4 years, at $200 a month, you have now saved $9600, enough for a very nice used car. Go five years the next time, and you have $12000. If you start this at 18 or 19 years old, by the time you are 29 or 30, you can buy a very good used car or lower end new car for cash.

Now, let’s be clear here. Martha still does this, but since she uses her car for just getting around and not as a status symbol, she goes 6 or 7 years with the same car. She puts away $300 a month, so in 7 years she has $25,200. She bought the same Nissan Rogue I have, for cash, and immediately started saving for a new car.

If your car is your status symbol, this won’t work for you, so ignore all of Martha’s advice. But if you can see a car as simply a way to get around, as many people who have “old money” and are able to keep it see it, this will be a huge savings for you. You are the bank, so you don’t pay interest to anyone else.

How To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule # 3

Today we are going to talk about how to be thrifty, using the Thrifty Martha’s rules. This entails looking at money differently.

Some of my students were talking, and one of them said, “I work hard, and I feel that I deserve to buy myself something nice!” I totally related. I have been working since I’m 11 years old, and 43 years later, I feel that if I want to reward myself with something nice, I deserve it, and I’m going to buy it!!

Martha has taught me to change that thinking around.

She sees money in the bank as a reward. Your reward is that it makes you feel all warm and snuggly and safe. She sees putting money away the way you and I see spending it – as a reward for a job well done. For the past year, I have decided to give this a shot. I now try to keep at least $1000 in my savings account which for me, a huge spendthrift, is a major life change.

It works. Instead of going over to my closet to look at the $350 Frye boots I really loved but didn’t buy, I look at the pair I got for $39.99 (and I bought boots only because I really needed boots, not because I wanted them!!) and I look at my savings account and see the extra $310 dollars in there. It gives me a strange sense of comfort, to see that I have a bit of extra money in there for a rainy day. In fact, if something comes up and I have my balance go below $1000, I get a little resentful and worried. It’s amazing how much my perspective has changed in a year.

Money is definitely a head game. It is up to you how you want to play that game. For me now, I am getting a lot of pleasure out of seeing money in the bank, and not having to worry about overdraft fees and falling short each week. It is really a much less stressful, pleasurable way to live.


H0w To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule #2

I would like to share Martha’s Thrifty Rule # 2 with you today – don’t buy something as soon as you see it.

Buying is like a drug – it gives your brain a little hit of dopamine. Some of us dopamine addicts love that hit, so we buy to get it, again and again. Instead of ending up as a drug or alcohol addict, however, we end up with a lot of debt and a little savings.

So put that purchase off. If you see a coat you like in Macy’s, even if it’s on sale, you don’t have to buy it that minute. You can come back and buy it tomorrow, or even later today. Give it some thought. Do you need it? Or would you rather have that $150 snugly sitting in your bank account?? Delay, and be gratified.


How To Be Thrifty – Martha’s Rule # 1

I am not by nature a thrifty person. In fact, I’ve spent most of my adult life hoping I get to payday without running out of money. But I have a good friend, Martha, who is the opposite of me – she is thrifty, but not cheap. Careful with money for herself, but generous with others. She is always giving me tips to save money and be thrifty, and I’m happy to share some with you.

Martha’s Rule # 1 – pay cash


Sounds simple, right?? But it isn’t for me. Because that means I have to get to the bank, take out money, and for me, when money is in my hot hands, I spend it. But Martha says that the opposite is really true. When you have to actually put the cash into someone else’s hands, you are less likely to spend it.

I trust Martha, so I recommend you try it. I’m so ADD I may not actually ever do this, but I do a lot of other things she tells me to do now – like save for everything, rather than use credit, and don’t buy when you first see something – go home and think about it. Right now, I’m saving for a new mattress. It is a king sized mattress, so it will be about $2100, and I’m halfway there. This may actually be one of the first things I have saved up for in my adult life without using credit, so I’m pretty excited. I have to say, looking at my pennies adding up in my savings account makes me feel a lot more adult than I used to feel about money. And that’s cool!

Review of “The Tightwad Gazette”

I read the good reviews of this book on amazon, but decided to begin my tightwad ways, so I took it out of the library. After reading about 5 pages, the book languished on my bedstand, costing me 5 cents in overdue fees because I forgot it was even there. I am so glad I didn’t waste my money on this book. I have several issues with this book:

1. Organization: Amy Dacyczyn’s book is horribly organized!! On the cover are enticements such as “Tightwad crafts and hobbies.” I was interested in this topic, so imagine my surprise that neither craft nor hobby was listed in the index!! I couldn’t find it, so I gave up looking after about 10 minutes. Same for some of the other cover topics. And since the book is based on newsletters, there is no rhyme or reason for the listing of the topics.

2. Tone: much of what Ms. Dacyczyn suggests seems to be because of mean-spiritedness and lack of experience. She goes on and on, using anecdotal evidence, about how today’s kids are so jaded they don’t enjoy a walk in the woods or making cookies. So untrue!! Most kids love to do these things – their parents don’t have a lot of time, so they don’t do it often, but as a teacher I can tell you that children talk about these times in school with their classmates showing great excitement. She uses what she calls “Creative deprivation” so that her kids enjoy the one JUNIOR ice cream cone they get a year! I was by no means spoiled, but you don’t have to make a huge deal of out ice cream! It is an innocent pleasure, and part of childhood, to love and eat ice cream! Most of her ideas seem like she is depriving her kids so that she can write about it and make tons of money! I would hate to be her kid – especially if I was the one who had XXX in all my clothes to show I am the third girl! Yikes!! And if I want philosophies on effective child rearing, I certainly wouldn’t listen to someone so cheap that she deprives her kids to make a point. I’ll listen to someone who has a clue about child-rearing.

3. Ideas – many of her ideas are impractical and useless. I am sorry, Amy, I don’t want to donate my body to science to save on my funeral costs. And the ideas readers send in – there must be a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous way to save a penny! Lots of winners here!!

So between the lousy organization, the meanness of how the author treats her poor kids and the useless ideas – be a tightwad and do NOT buy this book!!

“How To Be Offensive” – by Jennifer Lawrence “Slutty Power Lesbian”


America’s “Sweetheart” is at it again. Granted, the woman is generally harmless. She is attractive, may be a decent actress, although I don’t know because I’ve never been inclined to see her in anything, and seems like a decent person. But she is continually falling down, seems drunk in public a lot, and has diarrhea of the mouth: she just can’t seem to not say ridiculous things. And we are such a celebrity obsessed culture that we applaud the most vacuous things that come out of the mouths of famous people?

A few weeks ago she “jokingly” scolded a foreign reporter after winning a Golden Globe for her joyless movie, “Joy.” She called this man “Bro,” told him to put his phone down, and then cluelessly mocked him for mistaking the Globes for the Oscars when she was the one who misunderstood his very simple question. Is she unintelligent? I don’t think she is any kind of an intellect, but I don’t think she’s stupid. I think she was so busy being mean to the reporter, she didn’t process what he said. And of course, she is excused for this behavior because she’s “so funny and real!!!”

Another of the recent pearls of wisdom from JLaw, as she is affectionately known, include her view of herself as one who dresses as a “slutty power lesbian.” Clue applause, America, for her scintillating intellect and verbal acuity. But what the heck does that even mean?? “Slutty power lesbian”? I was told to simmer down on another site when I remarked that I believe what she said is offensive because “power lesbian” was on Sex and the City. OK, I didn’t know that. So? (She also borrowed a quote from Notting Hill and was applauded for her brilliance self-awareness. The bar is low for this woman.) But let’s analyze this, and see if what she said was self-aware, brilliant, PC or just plain offensive.

Slutty. Young women my daughter’s age who have self-pride and awareness hate this word almost as much as they hate “bitch.” Do NOT call a young woman a slut. And if someone calls herself “slutty,” does that make it easier for others to label her that way? I think it does. Being aware of the words you use when you are known to hundreds of millions, dare I say billions, of people on the globe, is just common sense. Which JLaw seems to be lacking in.

“Power lesbian”? Sex and the City aside, what does that mean? Is the lesbian powerful? As in “has power”? And what does being a lesbian have to do with that? Urban Dictionary says that a power lesbian is “A lesbian who has lots of money, possesions, and connections. A lesbian elitist. Usually only have lesbian affairs with other power lesbians.” OK, I get it now, a bit. But how do they dress? Like other lesbians? Like power straights? Do all lesbians dress alike? I get that she was trying to be funny/clever/smart, but I think she was just offensive. Would it be OK if she said she dresses like a “slutty power black woman” when she is not a black woman? How is it OK that she references being a lesbian, when she is not and implies that a group of lesbians all dress alike?

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence in a nutshell: “Oh, don’t mind me, I fall all of the time, I get drunk and puke often, I just puke often, I fart a lot, I’m so normal, I hate being a star, I’m a size 2 but I’m fat, I am anti-Hollywood, I won’t give in to the pressure to be thin, women should have equal pay, but I’m going to back off that statement so I don’t offend any men in Hollywood, I love to work with a director who abuses his actors, I eat junk food 24/7 cause I don’t care if I’m fat, I pee in sinks, I don’t wash my hands and they smell like your grandmother. Oh, and I puke, fart and dress like a slutty power lesbian.”

Crass, uneducated, loud, showy and offensive. If Anne Hathaway had said any of these things, people would have crucified her. I will never pay to watch one of this woman’s movies.