Some dog rescue ideas and stories

When I started in dog rescue, the lovely town of Greenville, SC had a 87% kill rate of the 21,000 dogs and puppies that came in every year. I got my Carolina and my first rescue dogs and pups there. I pulled 21 of them after they killed a little black hot-dog kind of dog I had my eye on. Carolina was my third pull – the local boarding kennel had been helping me but bailed when some dog got sick. I had to send Carolina and about ten other dogs to a vet for kenneling until the transport was coming. Carolina got a respiratory infection and almost died – the vet called me and yelled at me for sending them a sick dog. That’s when I realized that even to most vets in the south, shelter dogs were trash to be put in black garbage bags and taken to the landfill. This was the start of my nightmare.

More to come…


Scene Lists Have Changed My Life

I have written two mysteries, which are sitting in about a half dozen notebooks and about a dozen Google Docs. Scenes are scattered about my life. I think one of them, especially, has potential, but I need to get it together, so I was totally thrilled when I came across Scene Lists.

How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life

I found this idea on a blog called The blog suggests that you use an Excel document, but I honestly hate Excel. My brain doesn’t work in an Excel kind of way. So I took out a new composition book and made headings across the top. I picked and chose from among the examples I found there to create categories that would help me organize my mess. here are the categories I used:

Scene Number (this is NOT the same as the chapter number)

POV (point of view)

Scene Summary

Chapter Number

Day of Week

Day of Novel (how many days in this takes place)

As I said, I’ve found this invaluable, as have some of my Creative Writing students. If you find this useful, let me know how you use it.