Solution for iOS malware adware that froze my ipad

I spelled google wrong (yeah, I know) and a full screen came up stating I was infected by malware or adware and to call a number to remove it. It came up with another pop-up which had a smaller message and the response OK.  It froze my ipad. I used my iphone to look for solutions, but I couldn’t use a lot of the solutions that I found because I couldn’t get to my shift key. I was able to use my home button, but the solution to go to safari and remove the extensions wasn’t doable either. I disconnected from the internet and then reloaded the page. It was supposed to be unable to reload the malware, but it did, I was resigned to bringing my ipad to an Apple store, when I came to a solution that said to hit your Home key twice quickly and that will do it. I tried that and it did! Success!