Art and The Passage of Time

lidded tea mug

I would need five lifetimes to do all I want to do. I didn’t even get started in art until age 48, five years ago! I thought I wasn’t an artist. Now that my kids are older, I’m loving this newly discovered part of myself, but I also feel frantic, because with luck, I have maybe 40 good years left (haha) and that’s nowhere long enough to learn all I want to learn. I don’t know how people are ever bored? I’m frantic with the lack of time, and now my school year starts again, so I really have no time.

Last night, I was looking at my three bookcases of fabric and said, “Hmmm. I feel a quilt coming on.” Then I looked at my wool and thought, “Hats!” My pastels are calling, and I have two custom pieces of pottery I have to make for people. And did I say school starts? Never enough time, and that does interfere with my creativity.

My jewelry teacher told me that when I get like this, frantic, to make bezels. I said, “I’m running out of silver and since I really don’t sell any jewelry, I can’t justify the continued expense.” She asks me how I’m going to continue to improve if I don’t make jewelry? It’s a conundrum. It makes me tired to think about it.

The Creative’s brain can be a scary place to be.




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