Leviticus and Homosexuality

I had to respond to a person quoting the Bible to condemn homosexuals. She went on and on about being a Christian and Satan tempting us to become gay, and that we have to resist.

“Rose, I hope you don’t eat pork. It says to not eat pork in the Bible. And I hope you aren’t divorced. Forbidden in the Bible. Did you fornicate? Oops! forbidden. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. But the same Old Testament you support said you cannot have slaves from your own nation, but you can buy them from the nations around you. You can’t pick and choose what biblical passages you like – and I’m sorry, most people in 2015 don’t believe that a little red devil is trying to get us all to be homosexuals. That’s a very narrow view of scripture. The Bile in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.”

I don’t like to mock someone’s beliefs but when people cherry-pick the Bible to bash someone with it, it’s not right. It’s like those who are against abortion, but don’t want to feed the poor. Pope Francis calls them out on that, so now Fox Propaganda News said he’s “the most dangerous man alive.”!!!