Kate Middleton: Lazy Slug

Kate Middleton, aka Duchess Kate, has said she wants a longer maternity leave with this second baby. That’s fun, considering she worked less than 40 hours all last YEAR and that after George, she took off two months and then did two events in the next month. Events -like dress up, show up for 1/2 hour, go home. Terribly taxing.

Yes, poor dear Kate, digging ditches from 630Am to 4PM then rushing home to pick up the kids from daycare, and the grocery store, then home to make a quick dinner, then clean up the dishes, baths for the babies, laundry, shower, bed. Rinse, repeat.

This woman is starting to infuriate me because she doesn’t even have the slightest idea of what most mothers who really work go through. It is VERY HARD to work full time and have babies. She has servants, maids, laundresses, cooks, nannies, and a personal hairdresser. Are you kidding me, Kate? Work? You do two events a week, two hours tops each.

God! She’s insufferable, an entitled slug, self-indulgent and spoiled. If she were a private citizen, then it would be her own business, but she and her husband live off the public (at least their houses are publicly funded, and their security which costs more when Kate lives at her parents for months.) Get a clue, Kate – and do something productive for your country after this baby.


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