Jennifer Lawrence – Victim of Sex Crime?

I was over on Tom and Lorenzo’s site, from which I have been banned, reading about Jennifer Lawrence’s Vanity Fair interview. Ms. Lawrence claims that her leaked nude photos constitute a “sex crime” and most of the posters over on that site agree wholeheartedly with her. I was pretty surprised about this. Yes, it is a violation of privacy; yes, it was a crime. But a sex crime? I disagree, and here is why:
1. There is no expectation of privacy on the internet. I know this, and I am an English teacher, not a techie. Nothing is safe from hackers on the internet. If I don’t want to lose my job and my dignity, I should make sure I don’t put anything offensive online. The icloud is NOT safe. Anyone who thinks that it is safe is naive and trusting. And foolish. Does this make it OK for those who hacked her account??? Of course not!!! If caught, they should be prosecuted for theft/stalking, but not for a sex crime.
2. Comparing the hacking of voluntarily taken and sent photos to sex crimes trivializes sex crimes and is highly upsetting to victims of those crimes. This is not rape, sodomy, child pornography or the sending of pictures of underage children over the internet or through texts. This is an adult woman who chose to take pictures of herself and send them to her boyfriend using her cell phone. I am again amazed that Ms.Lawrence feels that she has suffered in the same way as those victims of rape, sodomy, and child pornography have.
3. Ms. Lawrence poses on the cover of Vanity Fair topless, in a pool, with quite a bit of skin showing, which in a way seems ridiculous given her claims. Perhaps she is reclaiming her right to show her own body? OK. I’ll give her that. But really….irony. She is ranting against being sexualized, when she does it herself.
4. Ms. Lawrence claims that she had to take those pictures because if you don’t, your male partner will look at porn. Of all the irresponsible things she said, this is near the top. Really?? All males need nude pictures of their partners or they will look at porn?? I’m offended for the men of the world.
I think Ms. Lawrence should continue her career as an actress and perhaps not try to talk about sex crimes anymore. She angered many people, and made herself look selfish, self-centered and ignorant in one fell swoop.


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