RIP Robin Williams

The suicide of Robin Williams stunned and saddened me. I’m surprised at how much I felt over this. My first memory of him was when I was a teen and he was in Mork and Mindy, followed by a movie I loved, “The World According to Garp.” I show “Dead Poets Society” to my students every year. Five viewings each year, and I still cry at the end. I’ll be crying a lot more this year.

I always thought that perhaps Robin Williams was too manic for it to be healthy. And that to live with his warp speed mind must be exhausting. But this still stunned me. I never saw depression in him. His money troubles must not have helped, but I doubt that is the real reason he killed himself. Same explanation by the media and same exact way L’ Wren Scott killed herself.

I worry that this takes away hope from others struggling with addiction and depression. We who survive either illness need to speak out to give those in the darkness real hope. Neither addiction nor depression need to end up this way. Millions get through these illnesses.

Peace and blessings to you, Robin Williams. Your light burned so brightly, but went out way too soon.



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