What are they thinking?

Charlize Theron, wealthy, famous and beautiful, is dating Sean Penn, he of the abusing-Madonna-fame. He is such a good liberal, no? Speaking out against the Iraq war, so concerned for soldiers. Which is good, but might have meant more if he hadn’t done the following:

After he got good and drunk (again), Penn climbed into Madonna’s house, where she was alone. He then grabbed her, tied her to a chair, and assaulted her for hours, both physically and emotionally. He then went out for more booze, came back, and kept up the beating. Madonna only escaped after telling Penn that she had to go to the bathroom, which meant he had no problem battering, beating, bloodying, and bruising the supposed love of his life, but felt it would have been too degrading to make her pee in front of him.

Penn Tied Up and Assaulted Madonna

Here’s some more violent incidents Penn fostered:
Beats photographer, hangs another over balcony

If he weren’t a wealthy actor, he would be in jail. But I digress.

He’s an abuser who got away with it. But what about the women who love him? He married Robin Wright and they had a family. Really? That sounds like a good idea? And now Theron? I am starting to think that these women have some serious emotional issues themselves.

I have great sympathy for women in abusive relationships who do not have an easy way out: no money, no family, no support. But for women with financial means and ability to support themselves to get involved with someone so did what Penn allegedly did? There is something seriously wrong here. And to see them splashed all over the media with no mention of his past crimes is a mark on our society as well.



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