Is Kate Middleton a Role Model???

  • I came across this blogpost which received a lot of attention and a lot of anger.

    The basic argument is that Kate Middleton is not a good role model. I agree with 90% of what the writer says. I have to admit, while I do like to look at the pictures of the future king and princess/whatever of England, I am slight sickened by the celebrity worship I see by people in the host countries and even here in the USA. I would never line up hours to shake hands with a royal. Why?? What did they do to deserve my admiration and attention? Nothing. William was born into his life and Kate Middleton, from all accounts, schemed to get into his life. Nothing there to admire. I am sure she is a nice, but vacuous, woman, a good wife and mother, but I certainly don’t want her life, nor do I respect her as an intelligent woman with something to say. Or if she is, they certainly haven’t highlighted this. She is very pretty, very thin, wears clothes beautifully and has the royal wave down pat. She seems kinds and caring, but who knows? Thus, I have zero desire to ever stand in line to meet her or admire her in any way.

    I compare her to Chelsea Clinton, who also is very privileged. Clinton went to college, got a degree, worked, got married, and still works and has ambitions. She is her own woman. Middleton went to the University and then did basically nothing for 8 or 9 years, until she got engaged. Her old nickname was Waity Kaity and her new nickname is Duchess Dolittle. Since her son was born, she did 3 (yes, three) public engagements. I get that she is a new mother, but I taught high school full time, drove two hours 2 times a week to get my Masters, and had three children under 7 at home, with a husband who was away four nights a week. And she can’t do a few engagements? Really? There are very hard economic times out there right now, and that she doesn’t do any engagements rubs people in her country the wrong way. I can  understand their resentment. It seems like she is lazy and a moocher. I don’t know if these things are true, but appearances are important, and when she is seen doing nothing but going on back-to-back vacations, people will feel stung.

    They also don’t seem to ever show their child, who will be the future king, (an outdated concept if I ever heard one) to the people in England the way they do in NZ and Australia. I am not going to be all judgmental about this because I don’t believe a child is a showpiece, but also because I don’t know their security concerns. It must be terrifying to never be able to take your baby for a stroll without a big security detail, and to worry about kidnappers, etc. I would be a nervous wreck, and never let him out of the castle.

    Now, back to the central question. Who would I like to meet in place of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian? I would love to meet Jonas Salk when he was alive (polio vaccine,) Nelson Mandela or Madame Curie (discovered radium) but Kate?? No. She seems pleasant and vacuous. As does her husband. I wish them will, but certainly, they have done nothing for me to admire. I realize I am the exception. I do appreciate that she dresses elegantly, and with class. I will give her kudos for that. She does show young girls that you don’t have to bare your body to be beautiful. And that stockings are still a good idea. 🙂

     We have a horrible habit of celebrity worship in our country, and obviously in New Zealand and Australia, also. The people lining up, frenzied, to see or touch her is bewildering to me. Isn’t there something more productive they could be doing with their free time? Have Easter dinner with their families?? Paint their houses? Anything but line up to touch someone who thinks he is “royal,” whose blood flows differently than our blood does. Nothing against William. He seems like a very grounded, delightful young man. But still.

    I do know my own daughter wouldn’t look to Middleton as a role model, because there is nothing there to look up to except marrying a famous man. I hope I raised my daughter to be smarter than that. Wish all young girls were.


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