How Thin is Too Thin?

Disclaimer: I am fat. When I quit smoking almost 10 years so, I gained 40 pounds, and I’ve only lost about 10 of them. I would like to lose the rest. I like looking thin. But there  is a difference between thin and anorexic thin.


I regularly read two blogs that deal with fashion: and Since they deal with fashion, often the readers will comment on the weight of a celebrity with a comment like “Go eat a hamburger, girl,” to which everyone, including the moderators, jumps on them. It is absolutely forbidden to comment on weight on these blogs. I understand that they deal with fashion and not health, but sometimes I think it’s irresponsible to have such a huge audience and refuse to allow any discussion of a very dangerous trend among celebrities: starving themselves, sometimes to death.

Did any reputable journalists notice that Angelina Jolie had the arms of a 6 year old child? I don’t see how people couldn’t notice that. And people who do comment often worry about the health of the celebrity, but also the impact on young girls,

Rachel Zoe is another drastic example. She is frighteningly thin. When pregnant, she looked much healthier. Ditto for Kelly Ripa. In this Oscars gown, she almost disappears. And Kate Middleton seems to be headed in the same direction, although with the stress,of being Queen to be, I think it’s understandable. But look at her compared to the thin Diana. Nope, don’t comment on it.




People defend the no commenting rule by bringing up the fact that we aren’t allowed to comment on fat women, either. I don’t think that’s valid for a few reasons. First of all, there are not many heavy women celebrities. Those who are overweight are often trying to lose half their weight. And we all have been warned ad nauseum of the dangers of being overweight, but where are the front page magazine stories of the dangers of being too thin? We hardly ever see those stories. Why? Because thin is good. Thin is moral. Good people are thin. Fat people are lazy sloths. That is the message we get, over and over, so much so that perfectly healthy young women who are at a good weight for their height hate their bodies. Cover up. Starve themselves into a prom gown. Pass out at school. I see it every day as a high school teacher. And I am tired of women like Keira Knightley being held us as a standard of beauty. If she is that thin naturally, I have nothing to say. But most women in First World countries who eat healthy don’t have chest and rib bones that stick out like this.


One other woman who come to mind is Kyra Sedgewick. She is very thin. I am almost the same age as she is, and you don’t stay that thin by eating healthy and an hour a day exercise. She has said she has had weight issues (read: anorexia or bulimia) in the past. You have to really watch what you eat. Is this healthy? Judge for yourself.


Who looks healthy, in my view? Emily Deschanel. Kate Winslet. Kelly Upton. All gorgeous, but they don’t look like they were just starved, almost to death.

I would like to be able to comment on a celebrity who I find is dangerously thin in a responsible manner, on a responsible blog. I am not body shaming, a term used to shut us up. I think our daughters’ self-esteem and maybe even their health depends on us starting to speak out about this.


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