A Reflection on Royalty, Wlliam and Kate, and Happiness

I am not a fan of royalty, at all. I would never go stand and wait for a glimpse of anyone famous just by virtue of birth or celebrity. I admire accomplishments, not celebrity. I do, however, like the psychology of the royal tour to New Zealand and Australia.  I like to think about this: why people are famous and why some stand for hours to see them, and how we are all really people watchers, deep down, and we like glimpses of lives that aren’t our lives.

And I mostly like that William, the future King of England, seems so delighted with everything on this trip. From the old plane, to the offered wine, and the playdate, he seems like he is out of his usual box here. And having a blast! That he was so thrilled by a simple bracelet that was given to him, and he was, amazes me. He can own almost anything, and a silly little bracelet was giving him such joy. That’s nice to see.

I hope he takes this wonder back home with him. I don’t remember seeing him looking so tickled at everything ever before. I think he has a nice temperament (he even looks pleasant in his baby pictures) and is a good guy, but he seems really filled with happiness here. It is really nice to see. Because with all of their fame and fortune, I remind myself that they are real people, with sadness and loss and fears, just like everyone else, and he has had his fill of sadness in his life. So I find myself praying that this total stranger, who many would judge as being ridiculously privileged, has peace and a happy life.


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