Writing Is Easy and Another Drug Death

“Hemingway used to say, to an uninformed question no doubt in need of this kind of answer: ‘Writing? Writing is easy…you just sit down and open a vein.'”

I felt like this the past week. I wrote about a very painful situation from when I was doing dog rescue, and it just gutted me. I think that writing like that, painful memories, is so tough, but so healing as well. I felt like I could put that to peace after I wrote about it.

In very sad news: 

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin OD last night. I am very sorry for his family and friends. From all accounts, he was a very nice man and, obviously, a talented one. But it sounds like he was a tortured man, also. He had some alcohol and drug issues as a young man, and got clean at the age of 22. He stayed clean for 23 years. What possesses someone to pick up a drug or alcohol after 23 years? I know, the AA proponents will say it is with you forever. I don’t buy that. I think he got bored, or overwhelmed and forgot, or maybe never really learned, that this will kill you in a NY second and not stop by for your funeral. Most addicts who are quit can’t drink or do any other drugs or they end up back down that rabbit hole. I don’t know. Of course I don’t know what was in his life, I have no idea what really drove him back to drugs, but I can say this: you cannot mess with heroin.

Unless you want a horrible, terrible life and good possibility of dying young, no can should ever mess with heroin. There is no coming back once you start. Yes, you can get off of it, but it seems to hang around longer, begging you to return, than alcohol and many other drugs do

Jim Carrey just said this today about Mr. Hoffman: “For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much.” I think there is much truth in that. 

So, Philip Seymour Hoffman, RIP. I am sorry it got you. Maybe your story will keep someone else from taking up that terrible drug. 



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