NY 21 Congressional District – a 29 year old Tea Partier???

Elise Stefanik, 29 years old and the daughter of a local business person in the area, is aggressively running for Congress. Her claims to fame were being an aide in the Bush administration and being on the Paul Ryan debate team. I don’t know that I would mention the first, if I were in her shoes, and the second is laughingly embarrassing. Who doesn’t remember the humiliation of Paul Ryan’s VP debate?

I am continually amazed that Tea Partiers don’t realize that the majority of Americans do not want what they are offering. A large majority of Americans support Social Security and Medicare, two things the Tea Party extremists do not support. This district, while rural and somewhat conservative, is not extreme. This is not Alabama. Ms. Stefanik is supposed to be smart. She should know that. Two million dollars later, she will be crying in her tea, soundly defeated. We are not the Deep South here.


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