Historic Adirondack Homes


In the Adirondacks in New York state, there are many historic homes that are victims of neglect and disuse. One of these homes, the historic Merrill Magee house in Warrensburg, has a huge, old pool. This pool is one of the most interesting and impressive pools I have seen! It is about 60 feet long by 25 feet wide, and is a concrete form. On the sides of the deep end are topless mermaids, created from tiles. The pool is in terrible shape, and I always fear hearing that it is going to be filled in and destroyed. It was built in 1927-1928, and is thought to be one of the oldest surviving inground pools in New York state.

I am always looking at historic properties and wondering, “What are their stories? How did such a beautiful property fall into such neglect?” I know that the answer is usually lack of funds, on the part of the homeowner and the town, which cannot pitch in to help preserve the property. Without funding, many older homes end up falling apart and eventually torn down, replaced with multi-unit housing or something new, something that doesn’t possess a “soul.”

I have always loved old homes and architecture, and would love to be a part of creating some type of funding to help restore parts of our history that cannot be replaced once it is gone.


2 thoughts on “Historic Adirondack Homes”

  1. Nancy —

    I agree…it’s a shame when beautiful old houses fall into disrepair; this property, in particular, is very dear to me, and I am attempting to purchase it and restore it to its former glory. It, will, of course, be reopened as a B & B, since otherwise the investment simply doesn’t make sense.

    You are right in most of the facts about the pool, with the exception of the size…I believe it is 40 x 80, and it is 5′ deep at the shallow end, and 9′ at the deep end. According to my calculations, it holds 168,000 gallons of water. I believe it is the oldest and largest private pool in upstate NY.

    The last time it was in operation was approximately 10 years ago; I’m hopeful that it can be saved, if I am able to purchase the property.

    This property has a fascinating history, and I’d be happy to share what I know of it and it’s owners with you and your readers…

    1. Hi,
      I would love for you to share more information! I drive past the property every day, and pray someone buys it who will restore the property and the pool. It is just so fabulous! Fingers crossed that you can purchase and rehab it!

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