Still thinking of great meal down on LBI

I wrote this review on Trip Advisor after a meal at Yellow Fin Restaurant on LBI. It has gotten some bad reviews recently, which I don’t understand. It is expensive and noisy, but the food was spectacular!

My mother and I went as a special night out, as we don’t see each other that often. We made a reservation and were seated immediately. We started with the fried tomato topped with guacamole and lump crab meat – spectacular!!! I had the halibut, served on a lovely lemon beurre blanc sauce and what seemed like a carmelized yucca, topped with lump crabmeat. The halibut was cooked more skillfully than any fish I remember: flaky, moist and delicious. My mother had seared tuna on mashed potatoes with bok choy, served in a very delicate sauce. The mashed potatoes are generally wasabi mashed potatoes, but she got regular mashed potatoes. She almost licked her plate clean, but I convinced her it wouldn’t be polite. 
We split a piece of key lime pie for dessert – it was creamier than the usual key lime pie,but absolutely outstanding – tart without being puckering tart, with a crust that held its own. Really an excellent meal!! 
I recommend this place highly. The only negative is that it is tight in there and very noisy. A few times I had to yell for my mother to hear me, but it is a holiday weekend, so it is probably not quite so packed most nights. The restaurant is also pricey, but worth it.

When down on LBI, give it a try! It is really wonderful!


I am truly shaken by Kelly’s Press Conference

I am not one of those who think that Gen Kelly is some sort of a savior. I know that he had a terrible record at DHS. I know he enabled Trump’s lie about 3 million illegal voters. I know that he “joked” about using a ceremonial sword on the media. I thought he was probably more like Trump than most thought. I have seen this, and know who this man basically is.…

But still. I didn’t expect that he was such an aggressive racist, a vicious woman hater, a bigot who was either proud of his bigotry or so ensconsed in it that he doesn’t even understand how his words would sound. I listened to Gen. Kelly’s defense of Trump yesterday. I have to be honest: I haven’t been this upset since we were lied into the Iraq War. There are many reasons for this, and many layers.

First is that Trump didn’t ever know Sgt. Johnson’s name. This was obvious, even the day after he was called on for his horrendous phone call to Mrs. Johnson. He still didn’t mention Johnson’s name, or Mrs. Johnson’s name. That seems to be OK with Kelly.

Then Trump went and attacked a US Congresswoman. Typical Trump. We expect this from the sociopath. And it barely registers anymore, which is upsetting. But then Kelly came in.

When John Kelly, ex-General of the USMC, got up and viciously, forcefully, almost gleefully ripped apart a member of the US Congress, a dear friend of a dead soldier, a mentor, a woman, a black woman, I wanted to throw up. I am still somewhat nauseous. The hatred and vitriol in his voice, calling her an “empty barrel,” (which Lawrence O’Donnell has noted is racist) then calling her “this woman” and refusing to use her name, further dehumanizing her. Lying that she was somehow “spying” on the phone call. Lying about her involvement with a building she was instrumental in naming. Saying she came out back then in “her all that” or something close (I can’t find the quote right now) which I took as his mocking the way she dresses, as though he is the arbiter of women’s dress.

He was “stunned” that Congresswoman Wilson was listening in. Let’s put aside the fact that a 4 star General was stunned at such a normal thing and what that tells us about his experiences in life. Let’s focus on the fact that it is the widow’s choice who to have with her. The mother’s choice. And they chose Congresswoman Wilson. Then he implied that the family just didn’t understand what Trump said, as if the fault lie with the poor, dumb (black) widow, and not the POTUS, who should know better.

There was more that made me sick.

Women used to be “sacred.” Notwithstanding who Kelly works for, and what he has said and done to women, this was proudly and arrogantly stated by Kelly, as though this is something lost. Sacred? Like we should be put up on a pedestal, fragile little flowers, protected by the big strong white men, who kept us out of colleges, out of management positions, at home, pregnant, barefoot. He is such an old white sexist he didn’t even understand how offensive this was. (and I’m older, so I am not being ageist about him.)

Not allowing anyone to ask any questions except those who are Gold Star families or friends. Clearly implying that those in service are superior to those who aren’t. Gold Star families ARE sacred. Except, in Kelly’s view, those who question Trump: Mrs. Johnson. The Khan family. Speaking of the Khan family…

Kelly said that Gold Star families were sacred until the convention last year. The bootlicking media is trying to spin this as though he was talking about Trump taking on the Khan family. I had a different read on it. I felt he meant that the Khan family politicized their son’s death, and they were at fault. Oh, and they are also people of color. Like the Johnsons. So at fault. Coincidence? Not likely.

So many offensive aspects to that screed yesterday. So much to unpack. And then the media reaction. The bootlicking. The discussion of how dignified he was. How “presidential.” As thought white supremacy, bigotry, sexism are desirable traits. The media have fed into this belief that Kelly is somehow this Savior of our Republic. The White Knight — literally White. The brave man who will wrestle Trump to the ground when he tries to burn down the universe. They covered for Kelly, they made him out to be somehow explaining Trump to us in a compassionate and clear way.

No. This man, this General, this vile racist and sexist, got up there, used his own son’s death to shame any opponents of Trump, used his supposed reputation to tear apart a sitting US Congresswoman in a vicious, very aggressive way, a Congresswoman who was just helping her friends and who spoke up for the widow. He used his service to belittle anyone who didn’t serve or doesn’t agree with his vile, sociopathic boss.

I feel helpless. Powerless. I feel that we can’t put Humpty Dumpty back again. That we have no voice, that we are being held hostage by a bully who wants to beat our family members and sexually assault our daughters. Who is enabled by white Generals, and a media in love with the stars on those Generals’ shoulders. I am scared. I am nauseous. I am beside myself.

Trump and Puerto Rico

A full week after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump finally waived the Jones Act, a century old law that protects the American shipping industry. He waived the act quickly for Texas and Florida, and made sure that aid was sent and distributed quickly. Not so for Puerto Rico. Three days ago, patients in a hospital who were on ventilators died because they didn’t have any more fuel for the generator. 45% of Puerto Ricans have no clean water today. Another hospital that had 13 children on ventilators almost ran out of fuel, and thankfully found some in the nick of time, but they are running low again. Where is FEMA? Not distributing goods. Where is the military? Arriving late. Where is Trump?? Tweeting about NFL players who should be fired,  deleting tweets supporting Luther Strange, bragging about the great reviews he has been getting on Puerto Rican assistance and musing, in complete wonder, that Puerto Rico is in the “middle of the ocean.” Why no help for Puerto Rico? Maybe because they didn’t vote for him? And are “brown” people?? As a NYer, this situation has me planning on stocking up on water, food and medicines. If he abandons Puerto Rico in this way, he will abandon every blue state in the same way.

This man is the worst president I have experience in my lifetime. Not only is he incompetent and incurious,  many mental health experts say that he is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Many medical doctors believe he is suffering from Alzheimers disease. Just yesterday, he said that his horrendously harmful health care act would pass but a YES vote Senator is in the hospital. No Senator is in the hospital. Making a mistake like that once or twice is understandable, but Trump has walked away from podiums and handshakes without doing what he went there to do. He has contradicted himself within hours. He lies and lies, and maybe doesn’t always know it is a lie?

But his Deplorables put him in office and until it is proven that he was in cahoots with Russia on influencing the election, the Republicans in Congress seem happy to keep him there, even as he destroys their party. And he is destroying their Party. Bannon cheered that they would do what they did in Alabama in all 50 states, vote in a crazy, lunatic, conspiracy theory loving, racist, sexist homophobe for a Senate race. But Alabama, thank goodness, is unique in that it is one of the most backwards, racist states in the country. Imagine Roy Moore in Ohio? PA? Michigan or WI? They can be racists, but they aren’t completely batshit crazy, as many Alabama folks are. Every crazy who wins the GOP slot in the Senate race will give the Dems a good chance to pick up that seat So as they cannibalize themselves, I can’t help but cheer in a way. The GOP has become a party that deserves a clean, swift end. Put a fork in them. They have had total power and have done nothing but try to take away healthcare, ban Muslims, start WWIII with North Korea, enable a nut in the White House, and many, many more acts that will harm our country and our citizens.

Maybe Puerto Rico will be the final straw. Trump’s complete apathy in regard to the fate of US citizens is deplorable, even for him. Or maybe Puerto Ricans will have to relocate and will turn Florida and some other southern states blue. Or maybe the GOP will elect these Moore-like crazies to the Senate, an they will demand that they secede from the Union.

This time, I say let them. Goodbye and good riddance.

Couch to 5K to Half-Marathon: Giving it a Shot

In my insanity, I am going to try to join a friend of mine in a half-marathon in March. I haven’t run in two years, when I (slowly) did an 8 mile trail run. This is daunting. I’m 55, and gained back about 13 of the 30 pounds I lost last year. So I see that I have one of two choices: go back on that starvation diet I was on, or start working out every day. So I am going to pick the latter.

I don’t have a lot of time, I tell myself. Well, I have time to go home and read political or gossip blogs, so that isn’t technically true. I don’t have the money to join the Y or another club, I tell myself. Well, I do have a very nice bike and a good pair of running shoes. And I want to eat. So I am publicly stating here, today, that I start my training on Monday.

I am going to use the Robert Ullrey’s Couch to 5K program first, and then after that, move on to a half-marathon program. I expect to do this slowly. I am not doing it for speed, so many of my training runs will incorporate walk/run parts. I found that helped when I did my 8 mile run, and I was almost 20 pounds more, so I think that should work for that. Also, most of my training will be in the cool weather, which is good, since I don’t do well in the heat.

Here are Ullrey’s programs – he has one for several distances.

If that link isn’t working, you can download them on itunes and play right from there!

Wish me luck!!  I will keep you posted here, on this blog!

Healing Crystal and Stone Jewelry, Raw Stones, Raw Modern Jewelry

I make healing stone jewelry, silver and copper. I use many raw stones, also known as rough stones, and I pair them with silver and copper tubes, beads, and little doodads I create also. These healing crystal and stone jewelry pieces have stones that are thought to have healing powers. This raw modern necklace has raw tourmaline stones, electroformed with copper, and silver beads.

You can find this and my other healing jewelry at  – my kind of hippie, kind of boho shop!

Here is an explanation of the crystal healing properties of tourmaline. As always, this is not in place of modern medical treatment, rather is a partner to good western medicine.

The Health Benefits of Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline emits far infrared radiation in the 4-14 micron wavelength. Electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared range is able to boost the immune system and promote detoxification. In fact, far infrared therapy is widely used in Japan by Kikohshi, people who heal by the laying of hands. [4]

Make no mistake, tourmaline is a powerful ally when your body is in need of detoxification. The far infrared rays created by tourmaline actually produce the same resonance in the body that is normally found in water. This form of resonance absorption helps relieve stress, increase alertness, stimulate circulation, and boost the immune system. Here are just a few of the powerful effects from tourmaline.


Milk Thistle Healing for Skin

I journeyed today, asking for a teaching from a plant spirit. Thistle showed up. Thistle showed me that it was good for skin. I had never heard of thistle as a healing plant, so I did some research. And wouldn’t you know, one of the lesser known ways to use  thistle is as a healing agent for skin!

As always, this isn’t a medical recommendation – rather a suggestion I have received from plant Spirits. Please check it out and do more research on your own!

A Peaceful Way to #bluexit – must read

Great article on a peaceful way to #bluexit, especially now that the Republicans are about to blow up the Senate to confirm a man from the 1930s for the next 40 years.